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The atlas is one of two upper cervical vertebrae, often known as C1, and is the uppermost vertebra in the spinal column. This vertebra is in touch with the occipital bone, a flat bone positioned in the back of the skull. It also serves as the primary component of your so-called head joint. 

Because these joints allow the head to move, you can turn and tilt your head. The atlas vertebra has a similar function within your body: it connects your head to the rest of your body while also supporting your skeleton. This should keep everything in its proper position.


The atlas vertebra occasionally slips slightly, causing the foundation of your skeleton to become somewhat misaligned. Bad posture has an impact on every part of your body.

A misaligned vertebra can cause a variety of symptoms, and atlas correction is used to address all of them. These are some examples:

  • Migraines and headaches [2]
  • Deafness, tinnitus, or inner ear noise [1]
  • Jaw pain, neck pain, or stiff neck [3]
  • Muscle stiffness to the extremes and limited shoulder movement [3]


Atlas correction, also known as atlas therapy, helps to realign this vertebra. There are several techniques for accomplishing this, including:

Atlas Therapy By Arlen Approach: 

Only a doctor can do Atlas therapy using the Arlen approach. Short impulses are delivered to the muscles and fasciae at the head-neck junction. It must cause relaxation.

Liebscher And Bracht Pain Therapy: 

The manual therapeutic technique of overpressure is used in Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy. Pain receptors in the periosteum are pressed on the atlas and neighboring vertebrae. 

This signals the brain to relax, and the extra tension in the muscles and fasciae returns to normal. When the therapist presses the axis on the second cervical vertebra, this effect happens as well.


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