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The seeds of Nigella sativa, a plant native to southwest Asia, are used to extract black seed oil. For thousands of years, people have used black seed oil for its therapeutic effects. 

Black seed oil is a natural medicine used to cure a variety of problems such as headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, infections, and inflammation. 

The major component of black seed oil, thymoquinone, appears to be the secret to these advantages. Thymoquinone is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemical that may also have tumor-reducing abilities.


Here are the most important benefits you can get from it:

  1. Black seed oil may be useful in alleviating the symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema and acne. [1]
  2. Black seed oil may also be used to hydrate hair, soften skin, and moisturize. [1]
  3. Black seed oil may have the ability to accelerate wound healing.[3]
  4. The antioxidant qualities of black seed oil may protect both the liver and the kidneys.[2]
  5. Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disorder marked by scaly red spots on the skin, can be treated using black seed oil. [2]
  6. Black seed oil may be useful in the treatment of vitiligo, a condition that causes skin pigmentation loss. [2]
  7. Black seed oil may help to keep blood sugar levels stable. [3]
  8. The anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil are extremely important. [3]
  9. Black seed oil appears to aid in weight loss and the reduction of body fat. [1]


Black seed oil can be used topically on the skin. Black seed oil can be taken as a capsule or as a liquid. However, because of its strong flavor, you may choose to combine it with honey or lemon juice before consuming it.

Adults can take 1-2.5 grams of black seed oil by mouth daily for 4-12 weeks. Black seed powder can be taken orally in amounts of 1-2 grams each day for 8-12 weeks. Consult with a healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dose for a specific disease.

Severe adverse effects are uncommon, although they can occur. This includes the possibility of an allergic reaction.


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