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100+ low-carb / ketogenic recipes

Not sure what to eat? With over 100 low-carb and keto recipes you have will find something either when you are in a hurry or when you have guests.

Mealplans to keep you on track

Too busy to plan? Let us take care of that
With our mealplans you have the whole week planned out for you.

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With our chatbout you have easy access to Diabetes Solved on the go.

From knowledge to action

With our guides you will both know how to implement lifestyle changes and also why.

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Diabetes Solved is all about the holistic approach

Optimal management of diabetes requires a holistic approach to lifestyle. That is why on Diabetes Solved you will find a complete set of information ranging from recipes, to workouts, to meditation techniques to name a few. Everything you need to start your journey and to thrive with diabetes.


Diabetes is a disease that can have lethal consequences, and optimizing your blood sugar is a task that is fully your responsibility.

The information you will find on this website is not medical advice and changes to your lifestyle (inluding diet, workouts or supplements) should not be done without consulting your doctor.

Diabetes Solved is not liable for any changes you do based on the information found on this website.

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  • Guides
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Who is Diabetes Solved for?

Diabetes Solved is for you who have diabetes and wishes to use lifestyle to optimize your blood sugar, and not let the disease hold you back from living a full life.

Is it safe to change my lifestyle with diabetes?

A change in your lifestyle could cause changes to your blood sugar. It is therefore important that you measure your blood sugar regularly, and talk to your doctor before making any changes.

What should I except when changing my lifestyle

Expect that changes take time, and know that it is journey. Follow up changes in your lifestyle with regular blood sugar tests to learn how your body responds. We are all unique so take this time to learn what makes your body happy.

Why is the membership fee paid yearly?

A lifestyle change requires a commitment over time. By making the payment yearly a commitment is made to your health and wellbeing.


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