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Tony Robbins has one ritual he does every morning where his goal is to activate his emotions for the rest of the day. The exercise is about 9-10 minutes and is divided into 3 sessions:

1) The first 3 minutes: Feeling grateful for three things. He makes sure that one of them is a very simple thing, such as the wind in the face, the weather, etc.

What is important here is that he not only thinks about it, but he attaches an emotion to it.

He feels gratitude. The positive effect of being grateful is that one cannot feel anger, stress or other negative emotions at the same time. When you are grateful, you have no fear.

2) The next 3 minutes: A total focus on the present. He feels his inner presence and how it heals everything in his body, in his mind, his emotions, his relationship.

Imagine how everything that needs to be solved is solved. He feels how the condition now strengthens his gratitude, faith and passion.

3) The last 3 minutes: He focuses on three things he wants to accomplish. He sees it as if it has already been done, how it feels etc.

Finally, he has a good point: "And, as I've always said, there's no excuse not to do 10 minutes. If you do not have 10 minutes, you do not have a life."

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