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  1. Make yourself a cup of coffee. 
  2. Put coffee, butter, and MCT oil in a blender and blend for 30 seconds at high speed. 
  3. It is also possible to use a hand mixer in a bowl. Just don't just use a spoon. It is essential that these ingredients are mixed together at high speed so the molecules break down.
  4. The amount of butter and oil can vary based on your preference. But I recommend starting small to get used to the MCT oil. 
  5. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy. 

Some tips:
  • The higher the quality of the ingredients you use, the better result.
    • Poor quality coffee is known to have mold and will only give you jitters instead of the increased energy.
    • Choose an MCT oil that is made 100% of C8 caprylic acid. This helps the body increase ketone production. One good suggestion is Bulletproof's Brain Octane.
    • Choose grass-fed butter to get all the good nutrients that butter has.

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  • Steinar Larsen
    Steinar Larsen   ·  19.04.2018
    Dette er den frokosten jeg har erfaring med gir mest energi og påvirker blodsukkeret mitt minst. Men vær obs på at kaffe på tom mage kan gjøre kroppen sur om du drikker mye av det her. Kan derfor anbefale å veksle mellom denne og f.eks smoothie til frokost.