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Gifted spiritual teacher and intuitive Matt Kahn guides readers on their spiritual path with 10 Golden Rules to help unlock emotional freedom. 

By overcoming self-sabotage, hardship, and anger, you will find true liberation and the infinite current of unconditional love that nourishes your heart. Matt's energetically encoded mantras and exercises will enable you to jumpstart your spiritual growth and access deeper levels of ease, freedom, and joy.

This is a book I would recommend for those who have already started on their spiritual journey. Matt Kahn´s teachings go deep and made a big impact on me, but I have to admit that if I had come across this book some years ago I would not have been ready. T

This is one of the most spiritual books I have read, and I invite you to have an open mind when you read this. This material is best consumed slowly and with time to contemplate after each chapter / Golden Rule. 

Let´s take Golden Rule Number 1 as an example: "You have done nothing wrong".

After having lived life for such a long time blaming myself for so much that has happened up to this point, this rule released it all.

I have done nothing wrong.

I don´t know if you reading just this sentence will let you feel the power of what that means, but if it touches something I invite you to continue reading his book. 

It is short book (166 pages) and Matt makes each Golden Rule actionable and understandable using his own life as an example. 

I hope this will book will bring you peace and love. 

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