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For over 20 years, biohacker and high-performance coach Ben Greenfield has used this simple yet elegant weight loss technique.

He has used it himself and on his clients, helping with everything from eliminating overweight to getting people ready for competition. He calls it Strike, Stroll, Shiver.

An easy and effective way to get rid of excess pounds.


Step 1: Strike

The first step is optional, but it will give you an extra fat-burning bonus before you head out to do Step 2 - "Stroll"

Have a cup of coffee or green tea to help you mobilize fatty acids and increase your metabolism. It must be regular black coffee or tea - no sugar, no cream, no MCT oil, no butter.

You can add a few capsules of a blood sugar stabilizer such as berberine or bitter melon extract. This will improve fat burning even more. Just remember, no calories.

Step 2: Stroll

As soon as you wake up, do a light aerobic session of ten to forty minutes. Most people will probably prefer a walk. Do this while you are still in a fasting state. This allows your body to use its own fat as fuel. (Taking the coffee or tea in step 1 will not break the fast.)

The session should be stress-free and at a pace where you can have a conversation.

If you want to workout more later in the day, this session should still allow you to perform a hard workout later in the day, and not have you eat everything you can put your hands on for breakfast when you are done.

Step 3: Shiver

Complete the "stroll" and then switch straight into a two to five-minute cold exposure.

This may include a cold shower, a dip in a cold river or lake, or a cold bath.

If this sounds awful, then it's important to note that cold exposure is a bit uncomfortable the first few times you do it, but then it actually gets better.